Twin Aster is the primary setting for which I do most of my conlanging and writing. The setting has been around, in one form or another, since I was in elementary school when I would imagine the "Doggeans" and the "Rabbitteans" fighting wars in outer space. Another concept from the elementary-school era, the "D'Sari", also wound up integrated into the canon as the CT term adasar 'the adasar' (singular dahsar 'adasar person'). The adasar themselves are bipedal caniform humanoids; old habits die hard.


Our theatre is the the Xi Boötis system, a double star that the august Dr. Wik E. Pedia tells me is about 22 light-years from Earth. Life on Íröd, the life-bearing planet, still rhymes with that of Earth but does not repeat it: The plants are yellow, red, or black; the oceans, green; the sun, variable appreciably; the second sun, half of a wide binary, not like Tatooine; the years and the days, shorter; the gravity, lighter; and the by far most common numerical base, six. Humans have to travel the slow way around: The typical jaunt between Earth and Íröd takes fifty years or so one way. Nonetheless, thanks to some brave souls, the United Nations has a sizable contingent of cultural observers present to observe and report.

There are three power players among the adasar: The Tim Ar Empire, the Tlar Kyanà, and the Empire of the Violet Sun. Together with two tetrarch states, they form the Pentad, a sort of supra-UN-like entity that essentially rules the world, which is a crapsack of various sorts depending on where you are. From the plumes of the Burning Mountains to the void of the Mziddyun, Íröd is intended to be a diverse landscape in multiple senses of the word…and for that, one needs languages.

My mentor has suggested that I turn this into written prose, a suggestion I am investigating. On the other hand, I think it would be really cool to see this as an anime. In the end, though, I'm content if it just stays a series of Internet posts and a wiki. The story wants to come out some way or other.