The Sprachbund of the Mziddyun is the result of my attempts at making triconsonantal languages. In real life, this is the calling card of the Semitic languages, a language family of which I am quite fond (I took several semesters' worth of Arabic at OU--I wanted to learn what the names of stars meant, thanks to the preservation and advancement of astronomy afforded to us by medieval Islamic science). I, however, wanted to take it one step further and thought it would be an interesting exercise to make an areal phenomenon out of it.


The Sprachbund is based around a desert that is a bit larger than Australia in the center-west of the mainland supercontinent, but is not coterminous with it and in fact spreads a great deal outside of it thanks to migrations and counter-migrations. There are several different languages and families thereof: Chief among them, there are the Wõkratãk languages, classifiable into three groups (North, South, and East) and the Raholgic languages; Nyudyic, a less populous but nevertheless present group; and a couple of isolates, Atkosti and Sengin.